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Sermon Series


Bro. Ryan Johnson leads a study through the Book of Colossians.

Vision Month 2015

During Vision Month 2015, we began with our church’s values and then focused on three specific applications of God’s truth in our lives and the life of our church.

Hope of the Advent

A sermon series on the hope of the advent.


 In his letter to Titus, the Apostle Paul shows how our beliefs determine our behaviors and why it is so important that the Church is led by pastors who teach the truth. Here we find the Bible’s teaching on the Church’s relationship to its pastor, doctrine, membership, surrounding culture, and the Lord Jesus himself.

Days of the DeChurched

In this series from September 2014, Bro. Aaron uses Scripture to address some common concerns of people who were once in church but no longer have any interest. The point is to show that some churches have given the world a false impression of Christianity and turned them away from following Christ. In these four messages, we see that Christ offers the world something much better than the churches that have taken their eyes off of Him.


Begun in February of 2013, this series of sermons listen to the words of the prophet Isaiah, who beholds the LORD, "sitting upon His throne, high and lifted up." As Isaiah exalts the Lord before the eyes of his people, he presents another figure, the Servant of the Lord, "exalted, extolled, and very high," who is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ! Through Isaiah we see God as Sovereign over the nations offering the redemption that he makes available through Christ, who is the suffering Savior and coming King.


In January 2009, Bro. Aaron Carpenter started a series in Romans.  



“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” - a vision reported by the Apostle John. Just why is this book in our Bibles? Is it a roadmap for the future or a Rosetta Stone for the present? Or something else entirely? In this series of messages, we consider this fascinating book and how it depicts both the future victory of King Jesus and the way that his reign affects the way we live until his return. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!"

We Proclaim...

We Proclaim:

God has called his church to proclaim the Gospel. During Vision Month 2014, Bro. Aaron brought these four messages as a way to help equip each of us to fulfill God’s calling and be part of a proclaiming church. We proclaim God, Man, Christ, and the response of Repentance and Faith.

Make Space for Grace

Grace. Want some? Need some? Don’t we all?

The good news is that God is full of grace and shares it freely through Jesus, his Son. That’s what grace is: God’s favor given, not earned.

But how do we get it?

As a church, we’ve learned that there are many different ways that God likes to give grace, just as there are many parts of our lives that he desires to fill with grace.

Unless we’ve already filled them with something else.

This four-part series explores some of the ways that we can make space for God to fill our lives with his grace.


Stories from the Bible

Bro. Aaron brought these messages out of a burden that God's people know the stories of the Bible and God's purposes for telling them. They are not so much sermons preached as stories told, creatively, often humorously, and always redemptively, for all of Scripture points to the one story, the greatest story, the story of salvation in Jesus Christ. Begun in the fall of 2009, this series moves chronologically through the Bible's narrative sections, tracing God's hand on the story of us all.